Goodies! [NL / EN]

Here you can find a changing list of good stuff. 

Linotype Fontexplorer: [mac/pc] a very good fontmanager, with auto-activation, i-Tunes look and feel.

NeoOffice: [mac] OpenOffice for Mac. This open source software can replace Word, Excel and Powerpoint and it also includes a database app. Supports Microsoft's file formats.

Cyberduck: [mac] no-nonsense FTP-client.

Silverkeeper: [mac] simple and automatic disc-to-disc copy, ideal for backups. 

Mozy: [mac/pc] 2 gig on line back-up for free! 

Dropsend en Yousendit: [mac/pc] transfer heavy files.

Bluetooth texter: [mac/pc] enter sms-messages on your mac, which transfers them via bluetooth through your cellphone.

Burn: [mac] open source CD/DVD burning tool.

Max: [mac] converts any audio format to any other audio format, and much much more.

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