Printready lay-out [NL / EN]

In print production projects, DTP and lay-out play an important role. They can also generate important input for production specifications. If desired, print.production can also handle the technical lay-out for all your projects.

Starting from a rough, from housestyle guidelines or from an existing document, print.production always makes an error-free printready document. All files are always worked out according to up-to-date standards and/or supplier specifications. We can work according to the publisher or suppliers' spec sheet, or we can contact them directly to ensure everybody is clear on what the requirements are. 

Files and Workflow [NL / EN]

Can't find a solution to a specific problem? Need a fresh pair of eyes on a complicated document? Or are you thinking about database-driven lay-out, automatisation or web-to-print?
Looking for a way to outsource the whole workflow? Need help with setting up or fine-tuning an existing workflow? Want to make your own certified PDFs? 
Feel free to pick print.production's brain on workflows, files and automatisation!