Production management [NL / EN]

Because there are many different specialized links in the graphic production chain, a project management approach is the best way to successfully run print production projects. A good project plan at the start of the project generates clear objectives, and is also a big time-saver later on .

print.production combines a strong project management with an in depth knowledge of graphic production. This is why we can successfully handle a wide variety of print projects. At any stage we can step into your project , and take over a well-defined part of the production. Or, if you prefer to involve us right from the start, we can work out the full project for you. We always make clear agreements and we respect budget and deadlines. print.production has an excellent supplier database, but we work just as easy with your preferred suppliers, or a combination of both.

Some of our services:
translations:set up the translation workflow, work out multilingual lay-outs to print with black plate change (regional versioning), organize the logistics and distribution in Belgium or Europe.
specifications: work out exact specifications for print items, like displays, posters, folders, flyers, leaflets, brochures, stickers, t-shirts, wobblers, mailings, invitations, DVD-booklets and covers, ... .
compare suppliers based on objective specifications.
plan and manage the production and logistics for all print-items in a campaign. We also handle 'unusual' campaign productions, like gimmicks, Hong-Kong productions, traffic signs, funnels, ... .
work out advertising campaigns: adjust 1 master ad for different media (magazine and newspaper) and sizes, multiple languages, handle the color proofing, arrange the delivery of files and proofs... .
quality control for printing and finishing, press checks, ... .